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Cambodia Mission Team 2017 柬埔寨短宣事工

The annual Cambodia Mission Ministry is here! After listening so many wonderful testimonies and works of God be done over the other side of the world, are you touched and felt like God wants you to go?

The mission date is yet to be confirmed but will be around end of December 2016 till mid of January 2017 (approximately 10-12 days).

Registration is open from 19/6 to 21/8 and spots are limited! Hurry up! Let us all go and spread the love of God!

Do contact Brother Aaron Chiw (0430509576) for further information.


一年一度的柬埔寨短宣事工又开始了!听了许多有趣的见证分享和上帝在当地奇妙的 作为,您是否有感动或感觉神在呼召您呢?

今年的短宣将于 2016 年 12 月底至 2017 年 1 月中(大约 10 – 12 天)。

报名日期将从 19/6 开始,至 21/8, 名额有限!赶 快!

让我们一起去传扬神的爱!如果想询问更多资料,请联络 Aaron Chiw 弟兄 (0430509576)。

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